Success Story: Never expect change while doing the same old thing

Success Story: Never expect change while doing the same old thing

Joseph Munyugi a farmer in Meru County, whose success after using Viazi Power on his potatoes is not a lesson but a challenge to be an innovator and to do something different.

A technical sales promoter from Lachlan attended a training event in Muchicha in Katheri West location where a farmers’ group was holding their monthly meeting. Following training on Viazi Power, one of the farmers introduced himself as Joseph. He said that he had practiced potato production for five years but had not been satisfied with the yields despite high costs of inputs and said that he would like to use this new potato production technology in the forthcoming season.

Unlike many other farmers, he was prepared to be an innovator and did not would fear taking a risk of trying “a new way of doing things.” He purchased a half acre pack of Viazi Power and, on the day of planting , a Lachlan promoter went to his farm to demonstrate how the Viazi Power seed treatment should be applied which would later be followed by application of Viazi Power foliar fertilizers during the later stages of growth of his crop.

After the crop had emerged, neighbouring farmers started spreading the word about how well Joseph’s potatoes were doing. During subsequent farm visits, the promoter met neighbouring farmers at Joseph’s farm who noted the crop’s performance in resisting the potato blight that is dominant in the region causing yield losses. In addition, they were amazed at the superior canopy heights that the potatoes were reaching as this would attribute to the big tubers that would later be harvested.

Due to the increasing interest, Lachlan organised to have a field day for the demonstration of the harvest which was attended by high ranking officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, USAID and Lachlan’s Managers.

During harvest, it was noted that the tubers were bigger than those they normally harvested and most importantly, more tubers were harvested per single plant which would translate to increased yields. At the end of the harvest, the yield was 54 bags of 110 kilos from a portion of land slightly less than half an acre. Previously, the most bags Joseph had ever produced from the same portion of land had been 20.

Joseph kept 4 bags for family consumption and sold 50 bags for Ksh 3,000 each generating a net profit (after input costs) of Ksh 110,000 ($1,222) from the half acre planted.

The money was used for family celebrations over the Christmas period and for a new land lease of 2.5 acres on which he will grow potatoes next season, using Viazi Power.

Friday, February 12, 2016