Success Story: Viazi Power, a Worthwhile Investment

Success Story: Viazi Power, a Worthwhile Investment

Georgina Mugure is a retired teacher from Katheri Sub County of Meru County. Her main source of income since retirement is mixed farming. She has grown potatoes in her three acre farm but the yields are always low and of poor quality.

Before Georgina was introduced to Lachlan team, she had planted one acre with potatoes and had used 8 bags x 50 kgs of DAP fertilizer at planting where she harvested 120 bags x 50 kg.  Most of the potatoes harvested were rejected by brokers due to small tuber size. This was despite her efforts of using many bags of DAP fertilizer and quality seeds.

The Lachlan team was introduced to Georgina by the buyer of the previous produce whom the Lachlan Technical team had met at one of their Viazi Power trainings. After the Viazi Power program presentation to Georgina, she agreed to implement the program.

During planting, she kept asking whether the one bag of 50 kg DAP fertilizer applied per acre would be sufficient to maintain a crop up to harvesting.

The Viazi Power Program was followed from seed treatment to flowering at various stages of growth. She was overwhelmed by the crop performance and even uprooted some before flowering to find out the tuber numbers/sizes.

During harvesting, a USAID team took a video of the operation. Georgina harvested 260 bags x 50 kg (32mt/ha) which she has stored awaiting a favourable price.

She is satisfied that with the Viazi Power program, farmers will be able to double or quadruple the yields and also improve the quality. Georgina has started advising other farmers on the importance of adopting the program in order to realize high quality/yields.

Friday, February 12, 2016